Noa Ortiz-Langleben

Noa Ortiz-Langleben.png

University of Pennsylvania, College of Arts and Sciences, 2021

Major: Economics, Legal Studies

Language: English (Native), Mandarin Chinese (Intermediate), Spanish (Comprehension)

Computer Skills: Excel, R, Powerpoint, Website Design, WordPress

Noa Ortiz-Langleben is a Junior at the University of Pennsylvania studying Economics with minors in Legal Studies and History. Her main areas of study are Mathematical Economics, Game Theory, and Public Policy. Coming from an international educational background, she developed a strong interest in East and South Asian languages and policy, and is pursuing Mandarin Chinese as her second language. Noa has demonstrated her passion for East and South Asian policy in her capacity as Director of Outreach and Co-Founder of The Nepal Women’s Project, a global initiative that promotes female health and education in Nepal. She is also Vice President of Outreach and Chair of East Asia Operations with Ideas for Action, a student-run organization that is affiliated with the World Bank and promotes global entrepreneurship and international development. She was recruited as a Division I athlete to join Penn Women’s Crew, and currently works as a research analyst at the Annenberg Public Policy Center identifying and analyzing data trends in media and policy. In her capacity as Undergraduate Student Body Representative for the Penn Provost Academic Planning and Budget Committee, she works with representatives of Penn’s various schools to provide advice on university-wide financial planning. Noa is the Project Lead for the Catalyst Research Team. Available for internships May 2020 Available for Full-time employment May 2021