Anastasia Shchurin

Temple University, College of Liberal Arts, 2021

Major: Global Studies: Economy, Political Science

Minor: Spanish, Economics

Language: English (fluent), Russian (fluent), Spanish (proficient: 7 years of study)


Anastasia Shchurin is completing the second year at Temple University, studying Global Studies with a concentration in Global Economy and Political Science, while bolstering her study of Spanish. She looks forward to studying abroad in Barcelona in the Fall of 2020, where she anticipates total immersion in her academic and personal life will hone her Spanish to full fluency. Anastasia has put her Spanish to use in 2018 through an internship at Justice at Work, a public sector law firm specializing in immigration, employment, and human trafficking law, which legal aid primarily to Spanish-speaking clientele. After graduating a year early, she hopes to pursue a career in law herself. As the daughter of Kazakh immigrants, Anastasia also has a vested intellectual fascination with Eastern European and Central Asian studies. This upcoming summer, she endeavours to intern in D.C. through the Washington Center ‘s international relations program, with a focus on those regions. At Temple, Anastasia serves on the executive board for the Global Studies Society, a professional organization for her major. She is Senior Editor of the Global Studies journal, “Orbis,” which she’s helped create.