Current Research Projects

TTCSP Launch and Why Think Tanks Matter

January 30, 2018 at Asia Society in NYC, Wilson Center in DC and 150 cities around the world.

Think Tanks and Civil Societies 1989 and 2018: Moving Forward or Backsliding

Research to be Published

Europe Summit (Germany)

Berlin, Germany March 2018 (Research and Summit Planning)

Africa Think Tank Summit

Rabit, Morocco May 2018 (Research and Summit Planning) 

Russia Primakov Conference

Moscow, Russia June 2018 (Research and Summit Planning)

China Think Tank Innovation Forum

June 2018 (Research and Conference Planning)

Global Think Tank Summit

Brussels, Belgium October 2018 (Research and Summit Planning)

Water and Food Security Summit

Fall 2018 (Research and Conference Planning)

Other Research Projects:

  • Emerging Powers
  • Security Expertise