Think Tank Regional Roundup

The TTCSP is beginning a weekly roundup of new information and trends in the top thinks around the globe. Each week will focus on one or two different regions and offer a very brief synopsis of the topics that think tanks in these regions have been covering recently. 

By: Matthew Detrick

Western Europe
               The focus of the top Western European think tanks recently has been centered around the Middle East and the current power struggle between the United States and Russia. The most intriguing publication came from Konrad Adenauer Stiftung titled, “Think Tank Report: 2/2018 Insights into the agendas of international think tanks”. According to the report, Russia is setting itself up to be a prominent world player (along with the United States) through its power struggle in the Middle East, namely Syria. In Syria, Russia is playing two hands. On one hand, they are working with the international community to establish ceasefires in Syria; however, on the other hand, Putin continues to increase its Airforce presence and assist the Assad regime in its endeavors. The Danish Institute for International Studies also held a talk on this issue earlier in the year that is still being promoted on their website.
Middle East and North Africa
               There is still a heavy focus on Syria and how the war there is affecting the region. The major think tanks including al-Jazeera, Carnegie Middle East Center, and The Institute for National Security Studies are pessimistic about the civil war in Syria. In a publication released by CMEC, experts weighed in on the firing of Rex Tillerson and the nomination of Mike Pompeo as Secretary of State. Each expert believes Mike Pompeo will be a better Secretary of State because of the North Korea threat. According to these experts, Rex Tillerson was in to deal with the Iran nuclear deal. It is believed that the Iran deal is over and this is why Tillerson was ousted. Now the Trump administration is ready to seriously deal with North Korea and leave Iran alone.

Matthew Detrick is a TTCSP intern working from Penn State University. Please contact Dr. McGann to get in touch with him.